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It’s easy to think that success is reserved for the fortunate and for those who were simply in the right place at the right time. From the outside looking in, the charm of owning a boutique cake shop certainly seems to be filled with sweet moments, but Diane’s (The Cake Lady) personal story is one scattered with wild twists and turns, starting at a very young age. Recalling the haunting memories of her past are the instances through which Diane acknowledges she learned life’s lessons.  

Even during times when, for a moment, everything seemed picture perfect, Diane could not escape the bizarre sense of humor the universe seemed to reserve just for her. From being stranded on a stranger’s couch during a blizzard on her honeymoon to her brakes giving out while going downhill on a wedding cake delivery, Diane’s story has a surprise through every layer.

Along the way, Diane reflects upon the moments in her life when she learned the most about the power of self-determination combined with the power of prayer. She recalls in her humorous and often blunt manner, her most vulnerable missteps alongside her greatest triumphs where she felt God was truly behind it all.

The Cake Lady: My Life in the Mix shows how one can persevere through some of the life’s messiest, mixed-up situations with faith in God and in oneself as a guide. 

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“Diane, AKA, the Cake Lady, shares a highly readable and engaging recipe for success and survival peppered with sage advice. Through faith, stubbornness, intelligence, and sheer determination, she navigated childhood trauma, spousal abuse, sexism, homelessness, single parenthood, and a myriad other issues before movements and media provided platforms and a voice for survivors like Diane. Through words of encouragement, humor, and honest accounts of missteps and mishaps along the way, she demonstrates how she persevered to create a cake that may have wavered but never crumbled. “


“Diane is an extraordinary author who connects with her readers in such a personal way.  Her new book “The Cake Lady – My Life in the Mix” is an invigorating story about a person’s determination to succeed and keep moving forward when the cards are stacked up against them. Diane’s story displays the essence of someone’s determination to conquer every obstacle that came her way. She really takes her readers through a journey of perseverance and triumph. While reading Diane’s book, I clearly saw God’s hand navigating her through her purpose in life. Diane’s story will truly inspire you to overcome every challenge and become the successful person and leader that God created you to be.”


True friendship is a gift, one that allows for understanding and comfort in knowing each other in a way seldom experienced.  Working in partnership with Diane, who opened her heart and allowed herself to become vulnerable in sharing her life with others, speaks to her character and faith in knowing as the saying goes: “It’s not how you start, but how you finish.”
The trials and experiences she encountered from childhood to present day, can be relatable to some as we all have a story that made us who we are.  Diane’s journey to success is an open book to how one can achieve goals in spite of  life’s ingredients that challenge and can destroy the spirit.
I am grateful for the privilege of being in her life as a friend and as someone to have shared the intimate, painful and rewarding parts of her life.

What an interesting book that you wrote.  It was easy reading and I enjoyed it very much. I did not know that you had a talent to express your emotions, in words.

I look forward to the publication and wish you success in  its distribution.

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